Sunday, April 30, 2006

Delicous indeed

How does one jump from the "not just natural but seriously natural" folks at Burt's Bees to La Maison Cartier, you ask? That's me. I was educated amongst the earnest flower children of the University of Oregon. Despite my best efforts, I acquired a small and undernourished hippie streak to go along with my lifelong penchant for the pretty things. This is Delices - the new fragrance by Cartier. It's decidedly unhippie and quite pretty. I wish you had smell-o-puter. Because this fragrance is sexy and warm and deserves a home as pretty as this bottle.


Aspasia M. said...

Hi! I just wanted to come over and say hello.

I don't know if Critical Observer is a troll, or just kind of a wacko, but something's up with that one.

He gets strange in his arguments, and I can't figure out if he's a troll or not.

Sippican is right, though, I think.

Jennifer said...

Hi, geoduck! Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy talking to you!

I'm not sure either. He seems pretty sincere in his odd beliefs, though.

And near as I can tell, Sippican is almost always right. :)

Oberon said...

......what is the most important thing?

Jennifer said...

......what is the most important thing?

You mean it's not fragrances from Cartier? ;)