Tuesday, April 28, 2009


One of my favorite spots to pick up t-shirts for my little man (and sometimes the big one, actually) is Threadless.com. He just outgrew these last couple below and I was so bummed about that, I had to go in for a little retail therapy.

Defend The Kingdom

Loch Ness Imposter

These are the two I picked up today. How cute are they? The only bad thing about Threadless is the agony of choosing between the various brands of awesome.

After significantly more deliberation than shopping for a child's shirt should entail, I tossed these two out of the cart. They were funnier to the 30 year olds than the 6 year old.


Tin Can Surveillance

This one cracked me up but would sail well above his peer group's heads.

Nothing Rhymes With Orange

Which brings me to my own favorite Threadless rag in the closet. I love this shirt, but unfortunately René Magritte - and surrealist art in general - just don't seem to be a part of the collective consciousness around here. But, people always ask about the shirt! Explaining it makes me feel trés pretentious so it sits in my closet and awaits my eventual (and triumphant!) return to civilization.

This is not a Pipe

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Take THAT, Airborne Water Vapor

Anyone with less visible dome then...say, Kojak...living below the Mason-Dixon line understands the ongoing battle between their hair and the humidity. Usually, the humidity wins. But, I just added a new tool to the arsenal and it's pretty awesome, you guys.





Not the best picture, but there's only so much wiggle room in the morning. If we're keeping score, I guess it looks like this...
Jen - 1. Souf - 265,354,653,365,359.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Burma Deployment

As promised, pictures of my grandfather-in-law in Burma way back in the day. Unfortunately, my sweetly hippie in-laws are short on details.
This is one of my favorites - a picture of the entire unit with one of those old style panoramic cameras. Dude all the way on the left and all the way on right are both Granpa - but dude on the right shows the rumples and wrinkles of having run behind the crowd to get to the other side of the picture.

Kawaii desu nee!!!!

Kawaii = cute. And, nobody does cute like the Japanese. Yet another reason that we are the superior Asian race. Ha, I keed. Anyhow, I found myself extremely bored with packing plain old brown bag school lunches for the Little Man. I haven't made a sandwich that wasn't cookie cuttered into a fun shape in months. I'm also partial to these ridiculously cute "octodogs". Actually, I get far more excited about the octodogs than he does. And now I've found something else to be far more excited about than the child! I put in a big order today on Jbox.com - a great resource for all things Japanese.

I bought an egg shaper. You put a hot, boiled egg in the mold, stick it in the fridge for a little while and voila!...eggs shaped like cars, fish, you name it!

An onigiri shaper. These are designed to shape a "rice ball" into a fun shape. I already have bear heads, flowers, moons...but I didn't have a fish!

Some cute little ocean animal shaped picks.

The thing I'm most excited about - nori punches! You use these to punch little shapes out of sheets of seaweed that you can then use to anthropomorphize rice balls. Awesome, no?

Little monkey shaped sauce containers with banana shaped spoons.

And, last but not least - little fish shaped soy sauce bottles. The boy is a shoyu hound.

Actually, I ordered a bunch more stuff. But that's all the patience I have for a blog post.

I am ridiculously excited to start packing him the coolest bentos on the block! Actually, the only bentos on the block. But, still! I even paid $35 in shipping just to get them from Japan to the Dirty Souf lickety split. Let's just hope he's even a tiny fraction as stoked as I am.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Damn! Damn! Double damn!!

I spotted these adorable shoes from Miss Trish of Capri's Target line a few weeks ago and made a mental note to jump on the release date. Then, I lost my mental note. Now, my store doesn't have them and they're sold out online!! Man!!

My store did have these in, which are actually really cute, on.

But, I wants the whales. Damn! Damn! Double damn!

UPDATE: Jeebus. People are selling size 11s on eBay for $60. Guess those little whales are no fail.

UPDATED AGAIN: A happy ending! My Target got restocked...no cute little whales but I love these!! Almost as much as I love exclamation points!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Are you there God? It's me, Jen. I think I'm ready to move. Aside from the crazy, this isn't a bad place. But, the crazy is a lot to take.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Mascara is one of the few makeup items that I actually prefer to do on the cheap. It's one thing that the drugstore brands manage to do very well. CoverGirl LashBlast and its fantastically huge barrel brush has been one of my favorites since it debuted. When I saw this new release, the girly little teenager deep inside my soul squealed, busted out a few cartwheels then asked Dad for the keys to the car. Sparkly mascara! Like, OH magod. Word on the street is that it's more shimmer than sparkle. And, that the tints - Black Cabernet and Black Emerald sound the most interesting - are lovely. UPDATE: Sparkles? I don't see no stinking sparkles. Also, I don't see no stinking eyelashes. What the hell? I guess it has been a good 14 hours since I put the makeup on. But, where the hell did my eyelashes go?

Totally rad

I can't believe it's been almost three years since I gave up on this little corner of the Interwebs. I'm feeling inspired to give it another go. I'm also feeling inspired to come up with a better name. Seventies Luis Buñuel doesn't quite capture the vibe around here anymore. For now, I'll just move on to the important things. Like the shoes that have been stalking around the inside of my brain for at least three weeks now. I haven't found myself getting very excited over the truly, truly, truly outrageous 80's redux snaking all over the runways these days. But, these little yellow zippers make my heart go all Stop! Hammer time! Giuseppe Zanotti at Piperlime