Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kawaii desu nee!!!!

Kawaii = cute. And, nobody does cute like the Japanese. Yet another reason that we are the superior Asian race. Ha, I keed. Anyhow, I found myself extremely bored with packing plain old brown bag school lunches for the Little Man. I haven't made a sandwich that wasn't cookie cuttered into a fun shape in months. I'm also partial to these ridiculously cute "octodogs". Actually, I get far more excited about the octodogs than he does. And now I've found something else to be far more excited about than the child! I put in a big order today on Jbox.com - a great resource for all things Japanese.

I bought an egg shaper. You put a hot, boiled egg in the mold, stick it in the fridge for a little while and voila!...eggs shaped like cars, fish, you name it!

An onigiri shaper. These are designed to shape a "rice ball" into a fun shape. I already have bear heads, flowers, moons...but I didn't have a fish!

Some cute little ocean animal shaped picks.

The thing I'm most excited about - nori punches! You use these to punch little shapes out of sheets of seaweed that you can then use to anthropomorphize rice balls. Awesome, no?

Little monkey shaped sauce containers with banana shaped spoons.

And, last but not least - little fish shaped soy sauce bottles. The boy is a shoyu hound.

Actually, I ordered a bunch more stuff. But that's all the patience I have for a blog post.

I am ridiculously excited to start packing him the coolest bentos on the block! Actually, the only bentos on the block. But, still! I even paid $35 in shipping just to get them from Japan to the Dirty Souf lickety split. Let's just hope he's even a tiny fraction as stoked as I am.

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Lea said...

How cool! Love the egg shapers.