Thursday, April 16, 2009


Mascara is one of the few makeup items that I actually prefer to do on the cheap. It's one thing that the drugstore brands manage to do very well. CoverGirl LashBlast and its fantastically huge barrel brush has been one of my favorites since it debuted. When I saw this new release, the girly little teenager deep inside my soul squealed, busted out a few cartwheels then asked Dad for the keys to the car. Sparkly mascara! Like, OH magod. Word on the street is that it's more shimmer than sparkle. And, that the tints - Black Cabernet and Black Emerald sound the most interesting - are lovely. UPDATE: Sparkles? I don't see no stinking sparkles. Also, I don't see no stinking eyelashes. What the hell? I guess it has been a good 14 hours since I put the makeup on. But, where the hell did my eyelashes go?

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