Tuesday, April 28, 2009


One of my favorite spots to pick up t-shirts for my little man (and sometimes the big one, actually) is Threadless.com. He just outgrew these last couple below and I was so bummed about that, I had to go in for a little retail therapy.

Defend The Kingdom

Loch Ness Imposter

These are the two I picked up today. How cute are they? The only bad thing about Threadless is the agony of choosing between the various brands of awesome.

After significantly more deliberation than shopping for a child's shirt should entail, I tossed these two out of the cart. They were funnier to the 30 year olds than the 6 year old.


Tin Can Surveillance

This one cracked me up but would sail well above his peer group's heads.

Nothing Rhymes With Orange

Which brings me to my own favorite Threadless rag in the closet. I love this shirt, but unfortunately René Magritte - and surrealist art in general - just don't seem to be a part of the collective consciousness around here. But, people always ask about the shirt! Explaining it makes me feel trés pretentious so it sits in my closet and awaits my eventual (and triumphant!) return to civilization.

This is not a Pipe


TNgirl said...

Those are so neat. I really like the fruit one and the one with the sandcastle.

Alicia said...

Damn you. I'm gonna go broke now buying tees here. I want the animal eye patch one for Lauren (only because they don't have it in Natalie's size) and I want Darth Vader shaping his topiary like the Death Star for all of us.

Jennifer said...

LOL! When I saw that one, I was like why the hell is Darth Vader grooming his bush into a golf ball!? And then I felt all smart and went ohhhh it's the moon. Ha! Ooookay.