Saturday, May 02, 2009

If you can't be with the lamp you love, love the lamp you're with.

This morning, I headed out to Cameron, NC sans kiddos and the man for what I thought was a little Antique Fair. Turns out it's HUGE. And awesome. Apparently something like 15,000 people show up for this thing. 14,999 people and me. Insanity! I got off to a rocky start, thinking I could pick up some cash when I got there. I asked about the nearest ATM, and was directed to Vass. An entirely different town. Like 20 minutes away. The heck!? A town without a single ATM is a serious anomaly. But, hey I'm quick on my feet. I stepped into the post office, bought some stamps and got cash back. Resourceful! I'm telling you, we could kill that Amazing Race. I stepped into an adorable little shop with antiques and a tea room and spotted the most amazing lamp I have ever seen.
My only question was: Right after I snapped that picture, the two proprietors came sprinting into the room and asked me if I had seen a flash of light. Apparently, they had had some sort of lamp related incident earlier and were convinced that a lamp had exploded and possibly killed me. Or maybe they weren't concerned about me. In any event, I explained that I had taken a picture of the fabulous lamp but no, I wasn't interested in purchasing it, thanks anyway. Also, terribly sorry about scaring the bejeesus out of you. Awkward. So, I moved on. I ran into the cutest couple selling some vintage jewelry and taking it way back. I asked if I could take their picture and he insisted on first grabbing his dapper hat and then started posing. I wasn't sure how to gracefully clarify that I wanted to take both their picture, so I just went with it. Fun stuff all around, but it was time to get serious. I was looking for a kitschy cute salt and pepper shaker set for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. After about a thousand pairs of those boring old Cape Cod, crystally glass shakers with silver tops, I finally spotted a bunch of really cute sets. And then I saw this. I don't know. Maybe those aren't weird and kind of racist. But, they certainly weren't kitschy cute. Fortunately, these so were. Score! All in all, a wonderful way to pass the morning in a very quaint little town with beautiful houses lining the main street.

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