Tuesday, May 26, 2009


After spending the better part of the last week admiring dillions of bento photos on Flickr, I've been inspired to push on. I've also noticed some tricks of the trade - a bed of lettuce works wonders! Here's the little man's Monday Tuesday lunch - homemade chicken nuggets, rice, soy sauce, turnip kim chee, carrots and grapes. Those carrots are shaped like giraffes and an elephant. No joke. I freaking love them. They're a little frosty because I froze them. Sunday Monday night, I thought freezing them would be like putting mini blue ices right there in his bento. Monday Tuesday morning, I realized this was inane. I also realized that these organic carrots are not going to cut it. Give me some GMO, steroid fueled giganto-carrots to cut silly shapes out of, please! I was SO unbelievably thrilled to have finally turned out a bento I could be proud of, I could have let loose with a cartwheel right there in the kitchen. My excitement was met with a nonchalant "I'm probably not going to eat the lettuce, Mom." Ha! No sweat, kiddo, Mom's high on bento. ADDED: Whew, this is going to be a short week. My brain is convinced it's Monday. UPDATED: The child is charmingly weird. The carrots, grapes and half the chicken nuggets came home. The turnip kim chee? Gone, baby, gone.

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