Saturday, May 30, 2009

Things I Will Buy When Allowed.

I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel of my self-imposed moratorium on new clothes purchases. I've got 10 more pounds of baby weight* to go before I will allow myself to buy anything new. But, when I do...debit card watch out. I will burn you to smelly, plastic ash.
Gray & yellow are one of my favorite combinations in the world. That and jack & coke and toast & honey. This dress from Martisse is perfectly professional yet not stuffy.
For this ring, the term "things I will buy" is used very loosely. In the sense that I would never in a million years spend $9k on a ring. Nor do I wear gold except in a ghetto fab kind of way. But, it's lovely.

Now, I would not hike this dress up over the tips of my underwear. But, I would wear it, and wear it and wear it again. From Matthew Williamson's collection for H&M. Not that we have an H&M anywhere near us. But, we travel. Occasionally.

*Can you call it baby weight when your "baby" is three years old?**
**Yes you can when it's the sweet little bunny's fault you're so fat.***
***Not that it's her fault that I ate like a starved pig while pregnant with Her Sweetness than laid around like a retired, arthiritic sloth after she was born.****
****Although, it's only fair to note that I never craved a hot fudge sundae in my life until I grew her. Just sayin'.