Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Serving Up Some Lame for Lunch

I've made myself late for work the last two mornings in a row, trying to put the Japan into lunchtime for the kiddo. Frankly, I blame it on the bento. The whole point of bento is to create a portable meal that's as attractive as it is tasty. Therefore, I am utterly missing the point so far. Go me! My first two attempts have been full of fun stuff but also woefully pathetic (not to mention, kind of unhealthy). I figure it should only take me a little while or a good 43 years to build up to this kind of amazing. But, whatever. Here goes. Day 1: Anthropomorphized musubi (i.e. rice balls), fried bologna, turnip kim chee, bananas, grapes and all kinds of ugly. Day 2: Slightly more colorful, no less unhealthy. Nutella pinwheels, half-fake sausages (wannabes), a car shaped boiled egg, radioactive goldfish and Hershey kisses.

Sorta pinwheels anyway.

As I predicted, I'm way more excited about the whole thing than he is. Now I just need more stuff! Real bento boxes! Veggie cutters! A new kitchen to store it all in!


Gen said...

That is SO freaking cute!

Rick Lee said...

That first one is so cool looking. I want that for my lunch.