Sunday, March 20, 2011


I am so very happy to report that Etsy reversed their position on collaborative charity shops and the lovely shop LoveForJapan popped up immediately. All proceeds from sales in the shop are donated to the Red Cross, shipping is covered by the individual sellers.

Fuzzy Sushi donated a set of hair clips, made in Japanese red and white, to the shop.

Hair clips donated to Red Cross fundraising effor

Red and White Flower Hair Clips Listing

There are tons of other gorgeous listings from other sellers as well! Click on the pictures to get to the listings.

Donated to LoveForJapan by KaleidoscopeByErin

Donated to LoveForJapan by Kimiko611

Visit the LoveForJapan shop to see everything they have!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trying not to be useless.

I've been wanting to blog - lots of ideas and things to share! - but have instead focused my time recently on 1. Veronica Mars and 2. building out my hair accessories section in the shop. One of these things is less embarrassing than the other.

I can't sit still and not say anything at all about Japan, though. These satellite photos from before and after the disaster (use the sliders to see) show just how horrifying the devastation is. (via @makingitlovely)

I had wanted to participate in the relief effort through Etsy, by donating handmade pieces to a collaborative charity shop like the amazingly successful HeartsForHaiti. I was involved in the intital discussion to launch a similar effort, but unfortunately Etsy administrators disallowed the collaboration and instead suggested we tag our items with the campaign name and donate our individual profits to charity. Well, in my case that would largely be a symbolic move as my sales are few and far between.

It's times like these that make me wish I were independently wealthy. But, I donated what I could straight to the Red Cross. For whatever reason, neither the Japan Red Cross or American Red Cross sites were working properly for me. So, I went through PayPal. If American readers would like to do the same, click below:

PayPal Donations.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fuzzy Sushi Accessories Line

I've been working on rounding out the new accessories line in the shop. I have so many more ideas and can't wait to keep adding to it!

I'm thinking more hair pieces, more jewelry, belts...I'm excited to get my fingers moving!