Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fuzzy Sushi Accessories Line

I've been working on rounding out the new accessories line in the shop. I have so many more ideas and can't wait to keep adding to it!

I'm thinking more hair pieces, more jewelry, belts...I'm excited to get my fingers moving!

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Pineapple said...

I know! I was honestly just a shocked and maybe even a little hurt that there even WAS a limit to space allotted! It really takes just a moment for them to load, so I don't know what that's all about. I think I'll investigate the flikr route. Thanks for the helpful suggestions!

Also, I loooove the little berry! The first rose with the white beads is awfully pretty and very classy . . . but the strawberry (?) is just so precious! I wish I had a baby with a little bit of hair I could clip it onto.