Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trying not to be useless.

I've been wanting to blog - lots of ideas and things to share! - but have instead focused my time recently on 1. Veronica Mars and 2. building out my hair accessories section in the shop. One of these things is less embarrassing than the other.

I can't sit still and not say anything at all about Japan, though. These satellite photos from before and after the disaster (use the sliders to see) show just how horrifying the devastation is. (via @makingitlovely)

I had wanted to participate in the relief effort through Etsy, by donating handmade pieces to a collaborative charity shop like the amazingly successful HeartsForHaiti. I was involved in the intital discussion to launch a similar effort, but unfortunately Etsy administrators disallowed the collaboration and instead suggested we tag our items with the campaign name and donate our individual profits to charity. Well, in my case that would largely be a symbolic move as my sales are few and far between.

It's times like these that make me wish I were independently wealthy. But, I donated what I could straight to the Red Cross. For whatever reason, neither the Japan Red Cross or American Red Cross sites were working properly for me. So, I went through PayPal. If American readers would like to do the same, click below:

PayPal Donations.


Royce said...

I, too, feel I want to do something to help. I give you credit for going through with a Red Cross donation via PayPal. My problem is (sitting on my hands comes to mind) that the thought of giving to the Red Cross seemed so inconsequential that I didn't do it. And that's the only entity or suggestion I've seen in the media. Problem is, it's a wealthy country and financial resources are there. It's the process of getting through to the people that need help that's difficult. Loved one woman's comment--she's from here but helping her mother there temporarily. She said they had no water, electricity, nor food. But she said for heavens sake, don't worry about us--take care of the people trapped in buildings and those who have lost their homes. No complaining about "where the hell is the government to help me" from her.

Pixie said...

Veronica Mars is a very worthy distraction, but don't feel ashamed about spending time working on the accessories they're great! ;)
The images of Japan are incredibly shocking. Personally for me it's hard to compute that level of destruction (as with most natural disasters) being slap bang in the middle of England where it rains a little. People keep saying "Can you imagine.." and I have to reply "No, I can't", because I physically can't imagine that devastation. Like Royce and you said I want to help, but because the scale of it is so 'beyond me', I feel so incredibly useless.
To sort of echo Royce's comment. The UK news have a habit of focusing the Brits that are managing to get flights out etc (not solely, but it's always part of the report). You can't help but think "Well woop-di-woo for you, but what about the people that can't leave, 'come home' or don't even have homes anymore".

Jennifer said...

Maybe it was best to wait anyway, Mom. From what I understand, Save The Children is being talked about with regards to donations to Japan. And a friend posted about this organization of search dogs that is deployed in Japan right now.

Pixie, American tv does the same thing. I mean, I don't know what they're saying now. But, I think it's human nature to focus on hometown news. Annoying!