Wednesday, February 23, 2011

das Colors

I'm trying something new here. I want to get more comfortable with color, especially combining different colors. It's really never been my strong suit. The Man can send me pillow covers he found at a street bazaar in Iraq and they will match perfectly in whatever room he says to put them in - a room that he hasn't seen in months. Me...? I can leave my living room, go straight to Ikea and come home with things that don't go at all. Mostly, I'm happy wearing 47 different shades of brown. So, here begins a new feature that I'll keep going...well, as long as I feel like it.


Still a lot of browns in steps, you guys.

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Alicia said...

Oh, I like this! What are you going to use these colors for?

(My word verification is 'undize' which I am going to use as an alternate spelling for 'undies' from now on)

Alicia said...

Also- I really really really love the new title fonts on your blog.

Jennifer said...

Weird, I could've sworn I commented here...

I'm not going to use them for anything specific...more of an exercise in color comfort. Also, undize it is. And thanks!