Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Pics

We took a quick, three day trip up to Garmisch, Germany this weekend. It's a small ski town on the German/Austrian border, where the Alpine Ski World Cup 2011 just happened to be underway. It was a lovely little jaunt out of town and, though we didn't ski this time, we all had a blast. We wandered around the quaint little town, ate lots of delicious food, swam in the hotel pool, met up for dinner with a big group of friends one evening and walked around the beautiful and frozen Eibsee lake.

There are more pictures in my Flickr stream, but here are a few of my favorites.

Garmisch, Deutschland

Eibsee (Lake near Garmisch, Deutschland)

Fillisee (Lake near Garmisch, Deutschland)

Eibsee (Lake near Garmisch, Deutschland)

Eibsee (Lake near Garmisch, Deutschland)

Ice hole in the Eibsee (Lake near Garmisch, Deutschland)


Jason (the commenter) said...

That looks beautiful. Plus you were on vacation so you didn't have to shovel any snow!

Royce said...

Beautiful! Very scenic!

Jennifer said...

It was so gorgeous. And, yes! No shoveling!

Hausfrau said...

Sounds like a perfect trip! I know my family looks forward to another trip to Garmisch sometime.