Thursday, February 03, 2011

Oh, no not cats!

Maybe cats that pray for Deutschland wins are ok.

We've long noticed Deutschland's love of dogs, but - not being cat people ourselves - had no idea on the local feel for felines. A new acquaintance called their hotel before their recent arrival to make sure it accepted pets. Oh yes! We love pets!, he was told. So, he and his family showed up on the doorstep, cat and carrier in hand. Oh, no! Not cats!, he was told.

But, you said you allowed pets...?

Yes, we do! But, not cats.

Imagine his confusion. A common acquaintance with German family roots explained. Cats aren't pets. Consider them more like farm equipment! And, you certainly wouldn't move your oxen or your tractor into your hotel room, would you? I mean, sure, your oxen serves a purpose but it does not sleep by your bed!


I found this hilarious.


Hausfrau said...

Oh, I believe it!

In the first house we viewed for our HHI show, the wallpaper in several rooms was absolutely ruined--it looked as if someone had taken knives to it and slashed away (my husband's comments about it were edited out). But of course, that handiwork had been done by the previous renters' two cats, who were left alone most days!

Pixie said...

Haha, The idea of a cat pulling a tractor is quite funny, especially my cats as they just about manage to drag themselves into the kitchen to eat!