Monday, December 07, 2009

I'd rather be grounded.

You guys, I'm having one of those moments wherein one realizes that being a parent is really quite hard. And that no matter how otherwise convinced one may have been, being grounded for OMG EEEEEEVER and flinging one's self dramatically about the house because YOU GUYS ARE SO MEEEEEEAN AND MY LIFE IS RUINED! really wasn't the tough role in that gig after all.

We signed El Niño up for a season of weekend basketball workshops with other five and six year olds this winter. And apparently, while we were busy doing that, the ratface lying liars at the rec center were secretly signing him up for a basketball league with seven and eight year olds. And apparently that's just how it is. No switchies no takebacks. Because, since he'll be seven HALF WAY through the season, he's too old for the instructional league. On what cracked out planet the midpoint of the season comes ONE WEEK BEFORE IT ENDS, I have no clue. But, I have a feeling that planet is inhabited by ratface lying liars.

And some of these seven and eight year olds walked right out of their moms' bellies dribbling a basketball, I will tell you. These kids were sinking baskets FROM THE FUCKING KEY. (The KEY! That's like 14 six year olds away from the crazy high basket!) El Niño, on the other hand, picked up a basketball for the first time in his life at tonight's draft. Yah, that's right. DRAFT. Apparently the ratface lying liars at the rec center are also insane and we now DRAFT seven and eight year olds to recreational league basketball teams.

Now, we have never believed in protecting the kids from failure. (And believe me you as not only the whitest kid out there but the whitest kid out there, there's going to be some big fat bowls of fail this season) And we are NOT raising quitters. So, proceed with The League of The Preternatural Ballers he will. And, to be fair, there were other kids with hardly a clue out there. He won't be alone with his tasty bowls of fail and he will certainly get better over the season. Also, he's freaking stoked to be playing basketball with some of his buddies.

But, Mom's heart hurts. I was SO proud of the kid who gamely stood all by himself before a court full of people and tried something he'd never done. I hope that kid gets recognized for his heart and too eager to win parents don't steamroll right over him.

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