Saturday, January 01, 2011

Sometimes the universe is in perfect alignment.

We own one soup thermos, which is a problem when both kids want to take leftovers for lunch. Or when I want to make oatmeal in a thermos for El NiƱo for breakfast after swim practice and send soup for lunch. So, I've been hunting for another.

Apparently, Germans don't do thermoses for lunch, because they are nowhere to be found here. And, the military post store and their stupid automated ordering system have been thwarting me for the last six months. I have looked every time I've been in the store since Back to School shopping last summer and they are always sold out. The employees keep assuring me that they have received more, but they fly right out the door.

So, I was thrilled when we stopped in yesterday and they had them in stock! I immediately threw one in the basket and did a little happy dance. Then, the fire alarm went off, the store was evacuated and we were hustled out the door. Really!? I almost could not believe it.

But, then! Then! About an hour later, I got an email from my Dad that he had spotted some thermoses he thought the kids would like and was on his way to the post office to send them to us. I don't remember if I had filled him in on my thermos woes or if it was just a completely happy coincidence. But, I just love when things work out that way. And I think it's a sign that 2011 is going to be a great year.


What are you expecting for the new year?  Good things, I hope.


Jason (the commenter) said...

I hope this isn't the year of product shortages, or fire alarms.

Jennifer said...

Ha ha, that's every year on a military post...