Monday, January 16, 2012

Wrapping up the weekend.

We had a lovely long weekend filled with triumphs at the swimming pool, the beautiful movie Hugo and birthday parties. Lots of birthday parties. The kids had four invitations in their hot little hands but a mom has to draw the line somewhere, so we only went to three of them. We have twice been the only people to show up at a birthday party. The heartbreak I imagine those kids would have felt if no one at all showed up compels us to try to make it to every party. But, four! In four days! Just no.

Mom had a lot of fun wrapping those three gifts.

When I saw these adorable glittered clothespin Christmas gift toppers from Creature Comforts, I knew I had to recreate them for little girl birthday gifts.

gift with topper

gift with topper

I wish Hello Kitty didn't have a metal hook protruding from her head, but I still love how these came out.

gift topper

And, funny...I didn't remember the clothespins holding gift tags in the DIY. Totally thought I came up with that myself!

Then, again inspired by Creature Comforts, I set out to master Ez's pom pom method. This is so so much easier than the way I've always made pom poms that I want to make a million of them! What I love the most about this, is that Cheeseball decided that this wrap was pretty, but not quite sparkly enough. So, while I was in the shower, she broke out the glitter glue and made the pom poms perfect.

Pom pom gift wrap

We were rushing out the door, so all I have is an instagram photo. But, I love the collaboration!

I always find boys to be a little harder to get creative with. Probably because I don't get to just glitter bomb everything. But, the little boy whose party we attended today is the sweetest, old soul of a child. So, I dressed up his gift with a windsor knot and tie. With footballs. Because, he's still 10.

gift wrap for a boy


Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

Those are too cute! The Hello Kitty can be taken off and used as a necklace!

Safiya said...

So cute! I bow down to your superior wrapping skills, when I wrap presents I have to ask someone for help or I end up covered in paper cuts and sellotape.

bifold doors price said...

I so love your ideas. Gift wrapping is not an easy task for me. It's so hard. I'm always asking someone to help me.