Friday, February 07, 2014

Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards

What's better than old school rap lyrics turned into bookish puns?  Probably nothing.  So check these out --

We've created printable bookmarks for your school aged music lovers to give to their rainbow reading friends on Valentine's Day.  - jen

Alicia here with your School Valentine DIY!  You'll need the printable, some scissors, glue and paper clips.  I happened to have these colorful ones on hand.

I cut them out, glued the paperclips to the back and let them dry.  

Your new little bookmarks clip right to the Valentine that reads "You're great in my book!"

The four different bookmarks read "STOP grammar time!", "Mama said check you out", "You down with A-B-C? Yeah, you know me", and "She's got a ticket to READ"

Ok, so the last one wasn't a classic rap song.

  There's a second page with extra Valentines cards for your bookmarks.  You'll print each sheet a different number of times depending on how many you're giving out.


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