Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wherein I discover what this blog is REALLY about.

I said this wasn't a bento blog. But, I guess I lied. Little Man is off to the zoo tomorrow and needs a snack. So I got out his favorite little Pokemon bento box and put some Corn Pops in the bottom layer. I've been informed, however, that they are not Corn Pops. They're just Pops. Did that change? I swear they were called Corn Pops when I used to stare at them longingly on the grocery store shelf while Mom tossed yet another box of Cheerios or Shredded Wheat in the cart. Ok, no. I just checked. They are in fact Corn Pops. But the "corn" is teeny tiny perched atop a giant red "pops". So, I guess that was a pointless diversion. Hey! That's what this is. A pointless diversion blog. I can get behind that. Where was I? Oh, right. The bento. I made a peanut butter and nutella sandwich for the top layer. I was digging through the cookie cutters to figure out what would best fit and the hubbin said "I'm a big hairy hookerface." Or, he might have said "do NOT send the poor kid off with a heart shaped sandwich". It sounded about the same. Dog bone shaped sandwiches would not have fit, and flowers and stars were also vetoed. So, I had to just cut out an inverted peanut butter parallelogram. It was near tragic. I may have dramatically proclaimed that "this is not how I make sandwiches." But, that would be embarrassing. So, I didn't say that. I did sneak in a cute little handstanding elephant pick, though.
Shhhh, little Pokemon.
Aaaand a bonus picture of the hairy child. Gettin' comfy.

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