Friday, May 28, 2010

Bowling and Resolving

I recently read a book called The Happiness Project. I plan to talk a lot more about the book, how it has inspired me and my future plans. But, for now, suffice it to say that the author - while not an unhappy person - set about analyzing and repairing the ways that she was either undermining or failing to enhance her own happiness.

(While this feels like a jump, bear with me.) I wasn't really feeling like bowling today - a little under the weather and tired in that The Man's been gone for a month that's almost over kind of way. But, the kiddos had asked about bowling earlier in the week and I had promised to take them Friday evening after school. And even if they had seemingly forgotten, I figured I'd get a jump start on one of my own Happiness Project resolutions I've been kicking around - FOLLOW THROUGH.

I generally try to follow through on things I've told them. I will admit to begging off and trying to rationalize more often than I should. But, mostly I will admit to silently appreciating when they seem to forget and I feel like I'm off the hook. But, what kind of lesson is that, really? Ok kids, make sure you follow through on things that other people hold your feet to the fire on. Everything else is mellow yellow. No.

So, armed with three pocket packs of kleenex and a nagging sinus headache, off we went. And we had a fantastic time.


Bowling balls take WAY too long to come back. Also, her mother would like it noted that this outfit was entirely Cheeseball contrived with no input whatsoever from anyone taller.

If I hadn't followed through, we wouldn't have had all that fun and would have instead spent the evening at home where I would have felt guilty and they would have felt put upon and everybody would have been a little grouchy about it. With this little success under my belt, I am now completely resolved to start resolving and get my own Happiness Project underway.

If you could think of one action or resolution you could make that would decrease negativity in your life and increase positivity, what would it be?


Jessica said...

I am on my own journey of sorts with happiness :) My one thing would be to be in the moment. Be Present. Very hard.....

Alicia said...

The Happiness Project is due at my house shortly, with the holiday I'm guessing next week and I'm excited to read it.

I feel like my resolution would have to be to be stop being selfish, or stop looking for the extra stuff, focus on the basics and get that going well.

I'm glad you are back online!

PS, my word verification is "shoop" and now I have Salt N Pepa stuck in my head.

Jennifer said...

Both great resolutions!

I can't wait until you read it, Al. I think you'll take a lot away from it, too. Shoop eh doop.