Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The view from Das Sushi

Just sharing a few pictures today.

This castle (although it’s not really what I picture in my head when I think castle) is very close to our house. The kids love the swans and the moats and I love how the whole building is leaning forward like it’s really trying to catch what you’re saying.

burg kalteneck, holzgerlingen, germany

I haven’t checked out the inside yet, but now that everything is organized and the government paperwork (SO MUCH GOVERNMENT PAPERWORK) is mostly in order, it’s very high on my list of things to do.

During the couple of weeks of beautiful weather, we were all over the place on the bike. It’s been raining and raining and raining for the past few weeks, so less biking but it sure feels like home. The first time Cheeseball and I tried to find our way to post from home, we got severely lost. It added a little more than an hour to the trip, a giant mountain of a climb and I’m not sure how many miles, but it meant we got to see beautiful things like this.

bike path, Badem-Wurttemburg, Germany

bike path, Badem-Wurttemburg, Germany

It all worked out in the end and now I know the way and can spend less time saying “chilly goo!” to unsuspecting passersby and more time hauling two thirds of my body weight in the form of Cheeseball and a giant trailer like an ant.


Royce said...

Beautiful countryside! Can't wait to visit.

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to show you guys around!