Friday, August 06, 2010

Cheeseball's New Armoire

Hoorah! Hooray! Today is a day to celebrate! I've finally finished a project that has been rolling around in my brain for at least 6 months. And it feels soooo good.

Cheeseball had a dresser that was very cute when we first got it, years ago, but had fallen into a pretty sad state of disrepair. I'm sure it could have been fixed, but with her Ikea wardrobe necessitated by the lack of built in closets in German houses, she really didn't need dresser drawers anymore. So, I wanted to transform the old dresser into an armoire for doll and barbie clothes. And with a little fabric and about a gallon of mod podge, that's exactly what I did!

doll armoire - before
The dresser in all it's previous abused-by-a-four-year-old glory.

First, I removed all but the bottom drawer.

doll armoire - before

Then, I took out the hardware and removed the top of the dresser.

doll armoire - before

And this is where my nice, handy step by step pictures come to a screeching halt. I used mod podge to apply the fabric to the inner walls and underneath the top of the dresser. I realized that the side walls were so thin, any hanging rod hardware was going to come through the other side. So, when I had the wood for the base of the armoire (over the bottom dresser) cut, I drew some hearts on to the scrap wood and they cut those out for me as well.


Again using mod podge, I covered the hearts with the two coordinating fabrics I had picked from Heather Bailey's completely lovely Nicey Jane collection. Then, while hanging the Ikea Deka curtain rods, screwed through the side walls and right in to the wood hearts.

doll armoire

The last step was sewing the curtains. And voila!

doll armoire

doll armoire
Peeking in.

doll armoire

Unfortunately, the back of the dresser is multi piece, very thin and only connected on the extreme sides. I should have reinforced that somehow before applying the fabric, because you can see some pockets where the fabric meets nothing. I'm a little bummed about this.

We're using big clothespins right now. But, my friend Alicia was kind enough to pick up some mini clothespins for me because I can't find them here or anywhere online that will ship to an APO. When those get here, I plan to cover them in washi tape and then they'll be perfect for a teeny tiny doll armoire.

We're also using cereal bowls to corral Barbie shoes, doll shoes, Barbie purses, etc... But, maybe future renovations will effect a solution for those as well.

Cheeseball and I are both so pleased with how this came out! I'm discovering a great love for upcycling and transforming and this was the perfect candidate to make new.


jennifer said...

What a great way to recycle!! You're so creative! The fabrics you used are adorable and vibrant.

Alicia said...

That turned out SO. GREAT! Love it. Cheeseball is one lucky girl!

Lea said...

That is adorable! I've seen those tiny clothes pins at the craft store here. Also IKEA may have some sort of wooden desk organizer you could use for the drawers.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, girls!

You know, I haven't actually made it up to the one big craft store here, Lea. And I was totally thinking Ikea for the organization! Really, any excuse to hit up the happiest place on Earth...

Ginger said...

So cute!! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

And link up all you want for more chances to win 30 days FREE ad space!

Nikki said...

What a great idea... my girls would love this.

Pixie said...

So really, you stopped the step-by-step pictures because you must of performed some sort of witchcraft. That is so cute!

Lorie said...

It is VERY cute! I need to find a place to hang my girls Barbie clothes!

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

This turned out so good! What a fun revamp and so perfect! I only wish my girls liked dolls as much as I used to! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

Mod Podge Amy said...

This is awesome!

Lisa M Griffin said...

What a fantastic idea! Love how this turned out.

Brandy said...

this is fabulous, and totally gives me an idea for something that's been kicking around my brain!!! Thanks!!!

nic said...

Wow! This is so very creative. I would've never thought to do this with a broken dresser!