Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My closet is for the birds.

When I went looking for the post I originally wrote when I bought what I will eventually get around to talking about, I realized I bought this lovely wall decal in January. Well, a mere seven months later, I got around to putting it up on the wall. Sort of. I put it on my closet.

vinyl wall decal, not on the wall

Isn't it pretty?

Then, I sat down to sew some curtains for our bedroom. Right now, we have to lean out and close the shutters. I realized that with the way the print flows on the fabric I have, I'll need another two yards to cover the whole window. Well, another two meters.

So, I sewed something else instead and I'll get around to putting that up here in less than seven months.


Jennifer said...

Ahhh, but it looks sooo much better on your closet than the expected walls. And I like that you left your closet with its natural wood.

Alicia said...

That looks great! Can't wait to see the curtains you put up when you get around to it.

Jason (the commenter) said...

It looks good against the wood. Natural images on a natural surface. It fits somehow.

The Hausfrau said...

Great idea! It turned out really well.