Sunday, December 12, 2010

My weekend haul.

I enjoyed a very fruitful day on Saturday. I was wandering about a store, lost and unable to find a cart when the rockingest Lancome lady ever gave me her cart and a free gift with purchase - without purchase.

If that wasn't awesome enough, I scored the most perfect red nailpolish. Ever.

NARS Dovima - the most perfect red nail polish

Then we wandered outside the store to a mini Christmas market. A friend had told me earlier in the day that she had found The Most Incredible Chocolate in The Universe. Well, she said, at least, I stumbled upon a booth selling chocolate with a sign on the wall that read "The Most Incredible Chocolate in The Universe".

But, can you confirm this?, I asked. These are the important things in life, folks. And, yes indeed she could. So, having found the mini Christmas market, I once again wandered about lost and in search when El Niño asked what I was looking for. The Most Incredible Chocolate in The Universe, son. A lady looked up, pointed down the way and said it's two booths down on the left. Ha ha ha, that's some chocolate.

The proprietor informed me that I could melt three chocolates in a cup of hot milk for delicious hot chocolate for the kids. Shhhhh!, I said. I mean, really. The kids are thrilled with Nestle. And this IS The Most Incredible Chocolate in The Universe.

The Most Incredible Chocolate in The Universe

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