Friday, December 03, 2010

New hats!

I put some new hats up in the store today!

I've been wanting to create a hat with some but not too much slouch, and I love the way this one came out.  I like the delicate look of the spaced stitching. While it might not have done the trick for us this morning at a bracing 10°F/-12°C, it would be just perfect in less hardy climes.

slouchy beret listing

I made this hat a while back and I wish I could remember just what I did. I'll have to play around to recreate the look!

two tone beret listing

How cold is it where you are?

1 comment:

Ashlie Renee said...

I've been looking for a nice slouchy hat to make that's not too slouchy. Too bad you don't have a pattern up.