Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dog days

This here is Bug. He's a sweet little guy who puts up with a lot from his two best "friends" - namely the kiddos. I've discovered that when they tell you to never leave your dog and child alone, it's for the dog's sake. I think the long suffering little pup could use a bit of couture.

Bella Bean Couture has a sweet little collection of collars, leads and doggie beds. Some of my favorites are Modern Loop

Madame Butterfly

and Mod Dot.

I also dig (heh, get it?) this Yummy Retro doggie bed.

You can buy Bella Bean Couture at a ton of stores and online shops.

I'm not usually one to dress up the poor dog. He's been through enough. But, I love this little pink, rhinestone studded killer tee from GirlShop. Too bad my husband would never allow this.


Shamrock7 said...

hi i just thought i would stop by and say thanks for reading my rant I in turn will come to yours and rant as well

Jennifer said...

Hi Shamrock! Thanks for coming by. I must have the highest SF readership of any girly girl shopping blog out there. :)

Parisjasmal said...

Awww poor little puppy!

I love the puppy clothes--and your dog is adorable!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Peej! He's an absolute sweetheart, too.