Saturday, June 10, 2006

Taking a stand

Pardon me while I digress (sort of) from shopping for a brief moment. Michael Yon is a former SF soldier and a self-supporting war journalist, usually reporting directly from Iraq and Afghanistan. Men like him are responsible for informing the world of the good done by men like my husband when the major media outlets fall short. He has been a victim of a large company called HFM Publishing. They stole a moving portrait Michael captured of a US soldier cradling an Iraqi child hit by an insurgent's car bomb. You can read about the soldiers who risked their lives to get this little girl to a US combat hospital here. The vultures at HFM stole this picture and plastered it on the cover of a despicable new magazine called Shock. When confronted, they have resorted to bullying Michael and continue to steal his picture and use it to denigrate the US military.

The following is a list of magazines HFM publishes. I don't intend to purchase these magazines in the future. Most of them are junk anyway. American Photo Car and Driver Cycle World Elle Elle D├ęcor Elle Girl Flying Home Metropolitan Home Mobile Entertainment Popular Photography and Imaging Premiere Road and Track Sound and Vision Woman's Day Whatever your views on the war are, we all deserve to know what companies do when we aren't looking.


Jake said...

Nope none of those on my list... but if they were I'd never buy em again.

Jennifer said...

It's the thought that counts.

I've always liked Metropolitan Home, but THEY'RE DEAD TO ME NOW.

SippicanCottage said...

I solemnly pledge to give up Woman's Day and Elle Girl.

I gave up cod liver oil, asparagus, and chocolate ants for for lent.

Jennifer said...

Ever the man of sacrifice, Sip.

But, hey, you could design a piece of furniture to honor Michael and his battle. Maybe a giant middle finger engraved with "repose-toi ici"?

Dawn said...

I'd cancel my daughter's subscription to ElleGirl, but it looks like I won't have to:

If you're interested, Jack Kliger is the CEO of Hachette Filipacchi publishing. (212)767.6000

Below is a link regarding this matter with Micheal Yon, who is more of a man than Jack could ever hope to be.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the link, Bunker. This Kliger is a real piece of work. I'm glad so many people are standing up for Michael!