Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Shopping for the sexes


Jake said...

lol. this is funny. i can keep coming here for this kind if stuff.

Jennifer said...


It cracked me up because it's so true, so true.

Dawn said...

My problem with The Gap is I go in there, do the 'circle the store' routine, and leave with nothing!
Is it me, or have their lines over the past few seasons just stunk?

BTW, that pathway and amount of $ spent is exactly how I am in yarn stores.

Jennifer said...

My problem with the Gap is that their lines are always very heavy on the basics. A girl only needs so many pairs of khakis and jeans! But, I can usually find a dress that I like.

Do you knit?

ETA: I keep messing up the verification words. Dangit, this is my blog, Blogger! Stop trying to verify me. :)

Mary said...

It cracked me up because it's so true, so true

For you