Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'm about halfway through my Fine in '09 Campaign, weight-wise. Sadly enough, we're about halfway through '09, as well. I didn't intend for this to be a year long effort, title notwithstanding. I act like I've had to power through thousands of pounds of weight loss. Really, the entire effort totals about 20 pounds and I'm just a big baby. But, the last ten pounds have been crazy hard - I was losing like a half a pound a week! Those of us that are awesome at math recognize that when a train leaves the East station at that rate, it will be a good 643 years before it loses its big fat ass. Since I'm only able to run about twice a week - only on Saturdays and Sundays and only when the temperature is below 90 and therefore, only in January and November - I picked up a workout video to fill in the rest of the week. Actually, I picked up a workout video earlier this year too - something about Latin Dancing and cardio - and I've done it once. And when I say done it I mean watched it. From the couch. But, this new one is pretty good! It's from that Biggest Loser show and it's called Boot Camp. At first, watching the Biggest Loser peeps misstepping and getting confused all over the place is hilarious. But, since you're doing the same thing, after a while it's just kind of comforting. It really seems to be a pretty good allover workout. The very best thing about the video, though, HANDS DOWN is the ability to customize it. From the menu, you can pick which workouts you want to do - there's a warm up, 3 different main sessions and a cool down - and it plays whatever you choose in succession. The music sucks, but I just mute it and fire up the iPod and my workout playlist. I've been doing this 5 - 6 times a week and YOU GUYS, I've lost 2 or more pounds a week for the last three weeks. Of course, I keep moving the goal posts. So, about 7 pounds later, I still have 10 pounds to go. LOL. Oh well. Now, I'll admit that I've also been on a fairly drastic diet during this time period. But, 2 pounds a week you guys!!!


Alicia said...

Go you! That's awesome! I'm proud of you. But you look great even before losing that weight. Speaking of, don't you have any new pictures of you to email out?

I have Biggest Loser's weight loss yoga on my netflix queue.

Jennifer said...

Thanks!! No, it's like I wasn't even here for the last 6 months. Boo. I go through phases...sometimes it just doesn't seem worth the trouble of hassling the man to pick up the camera himself occasionally...

Tell me how the yoga is! I'm thinking about picking up another DVD pretty soon here. Love Boot Camp, but would like some variety too.