Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some stuff I hate and other stuff that I love.

I believe I have previously mentioned the extremely stupid clause embedded in my Fine in '09 Campaign. The one where I decided not to buy any new clothes until I hit my goal weight...? Stupid. I amended the clause a few weeks back and now get to buy one new thing for every pound I lose in a given week - no rounding up, no carry overs. This week I get to buy two things. Yay! So, I hit the mall. I knew it was a bad idea before I did it. But, that never stops me. I fugging hate the mall in this godforsaken town. HATE. IT. The first problem is that it is geared toward a hip hop crowd - ManAlive and Journey's and Basix galore. Two Journey's in fact. I don't really do Apple Bottoms and Baby Phat and the like, so that leaves me the other half of the mall. Toss Penneys and Sears and we're down to a third of the mall. Even the Macy's sucks. The Macy's! I ♥ Macy's. But, this Macy's sucks. I walked in and got smacked across the face with 8 - NO JOKE. 8. - giant Ed Hardy displays for the new Christian Audigier perfume. Ed Hardy. Macy's. WTF. So, now I've got the last little quarter of the mall. They ripped out my Gap. Just ripped it out and stuffed a cheap azz hooker rag shop in it's place. Like the other 647 cheap azz hooker rag shops in the mall weren't enough. You guys, there is nothing left for me. I even broke down and walked in to a Forever 21 today. I can speak of this no longer lest I spiral into a deep fashion depression. I thank you for enduring this horrific tale of woe - the spiritual cleanse does me good. Oh! Wait! Not all was doom and gloom. I did find a lovely Michael Kors dolman sleeve blouse after I finally fled the mall. Yay for that! Ok, let's look at some things that I love. From Donna Karan's Fall RTW show, I adore this dress. Just love it from all angles and want it.
And, I adore shoes with beautiful detail in the heel. One of my favorite shoes of all time is this Spuntate Raso Peep Toe from Prada's Spring 08 Resort Collection. They were impossibly hard to get a hold of when out and I've long since given up hope, thereby saving me a cool $600. Luck!

While I can't say that I love, love, love these shoes from Bally's Fall collection, I do have a passionate appreciation for the gold filagree detail.

I love the carpet bag looking fabric on these mary janes, too. Just don't like the platform. Without it, I would heatedly heart these.
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