Friday, July 24, 2009

Please ring twice, Mr. Postman.

I just bought these. They haven't even shown up in the mail yet and I already love them more than is healthy or rational.
They said there was only one pair left, then I bought them and they said they're unavailable. I guess there really was only one pair left. I didn't even really believe them and it still swayed my decision. Lol. Orange? One pair left? In my size? SOLD.


Alicia said...


Tell me we wear the same size. And that at any point when you fall out of love with these shoes I can have them.

Did you know sephora stopped doing free gift packaging? Sad.

Jennifer said...

Done! Although, I'm pretty sure your feet are smaller than mine...

No, I had no idea. Boo. I love those little black and white boxes.