Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ah, consumerism.

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I've gone on a bit of a shopping spree over the past few days. I'm rationalizing by pointing to the fact that I've been so focused on the house and the move that I haven't really bought myself anything in quite a while. Also, I really wanted this stuff.

Sunday was the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target release. I rose and I shone and I hustled over to Target first thing. Before 9:00. AM. Not only did my Target not have any of the stuff out, they had no idea what I was talking about. All the way up to the manager! Another reason I won't miss this town.

So, back home and to Target.com I went.  The trench I really, really wanted sold out by 4am Sunday morning.

But, I did grab this dress:

And this top:

Then, a certain someone got me in big trouble by texting me to check out the L.A.M.B. boutique on Rue La La. Big trouble.

Who could resist these!? Not me.

And then. And then. I went back to Target today. And they finally had the Gaultier line out! So, I bought this.

Which...looks ridiculous in this picture, no?  Yes.  Yes, it does.  But it's actually really cute!

Ahem.  And I bought this.

And, now I will go to Target every day until they get the rest of the line (specifically THAT TRENCH) in.  And I will buy the trench.  And then I will need to be separated from my debit card for a good, long time.


Alicia said...

Jen, have I ever told you that I love you?

Jennifer said...

Yes, and I always appreciate it. :D