Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Inspiration and Anticipation

All this "home work" I've been doing has been sparking my creativity and had me pouring over design blogs which lead to craft blogs and DIY ideas and in turn have SO inspired me. I can't wait to get cracking on some crafts (not least of which is the latest fun project sent to me by Alicia for Team Awesome) and sink my hands into some home design that's for us and not watered down and neutraled out for potential buyers.

In the meantime - while scrubbing and styling and curb appealing and real estate picture taking have to remain forefront - I'll just keep looking and longing. And showing you.

I love how these crocheted vases and bangles seen on Design*Sponge take something solid and make it soft. I haven't crocheted since I was a little kid and even then all I ever managed was lines. Long lines. Lots of them. Which I tied and made into leis. But, still. Lines.

I love the sentiment and the vintage charm of this wall hanging by Dottie Angel.

The last origami I folded was 1,000 cranes for my wedding about 8 years ago. This kusadama tutorial seen via Apartment Therapy make me want to pick that paper back up!

How amazing is this teeny tiny terrarium housed in a lightbulb?  Seen on The Hipster Home.

Ah, I can't wait!

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April said...

Wow, I LOVE those crocheted vases! Thanks for sharing :)

Jennifer said...

And thanks for all the awesome over at your spot!