Friday, February 05, 2010

Al. Most. There.

I've finally gotten to the point where I'm tying up loose ends and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I've started taking some pictures for the realtor - they really need to be taken with natural daylight pouring in but I'll be meeting with her after work next week so I figured I'd try to snag them myself. Realty pictures are hard. Super duper hard. I've been climbing all over things and trying to get as high up and as squished up against walls as I can. The kids think I'm mildly insane and the dog doesn't understand why he doesn't get to be in the pictures.

I'm really hoping the rain lets up Sunday so I can fix the gorilla glue/zip tie solution The Man employed the last time the neighborhood's mailboxes were knocked down. Sploogy gorilla glue and zip ties!? Really!? Yes, really. I also need to freshen up the bark chips and plant some flowers. Veeeery hardy flowers - they need to survive the cold and my longstanding plant murder record. The Man can bring a stick back to life but I can kill a tree. I mean I haven't done that, but I bet I could if I paid attention to one.

In the meantime, while the rain pours, I'm staying so nice and cozy inside. And taking pictures. And now I'll shut up and show you the kitchen.

Wait, no, one more thing. I noticed the crap on top of the fridge after I took the first shot and moved it out but never quite captured the same perfect composition again. So, Alicia photoshopped the wine cube (what of it?) out. I think I'm still going to retake these pictures if I get a day with a little more sunshine.

Ok, now I'll shut up. Uh, right after of the first things we replaced in this house was the light fixture over the eat in area of the kitchen. So, that's in this picture. But, everything else is original. Also, the plastic chairs. Yes, the plastic chairs. We loved that dining room table when we got it (like 12 years ago) but we never did find chairs we liked with it. The plastic chairs were supposed to be placeholders. And they were. For seven years. Wow. I'm suddenly mortified.

Note the hideous wallpaper, dated wood trim and cheap varnished cabinets.  Also the psychotic magnet collection on the fridge.  We buy magnets wherever we go.  It may be overkill.  Also, I wish you could see it in the picture, but just know that the outlet and lightswitch plates were sponge painted to match the hideous wallpaper.  That should be known.

Better, no?

Now, from the other side.

If I run out of things to do, I'll probably go back and repaint the cabinet doors like so:

Not just that one, either.

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Alicia said...

I think the best difference you made was painting all that dark wood trim white. SO MUCH BETTER! Beautiful job.