Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Etsy: Buds and blooms

I have always loved having fresh flowers in the house. With the lack of an actual farmer's market and the overabundance of boring roses and carnations among the fresh flowers in the grocery stores here, I've gotten out of the habit. Putting the house on the market has given me just the excuse I needed to start bringing in the blooms again. Which also has me keeping an eye out for beautiful vases again!

bird vases by catherinereece

snuggling vases by annaspots

fern vase by kensgardenpottery

crystalline vase by dbabcock

painted square vase by simplyprettyprints

double stem white vase by taylorceramics

orange wood vase by BowlsandBoxes

mini white vase by RouDesigns

slim black vase by mrhstudio

Let's finish up with one of the always inspiring weekly we like it wild shots from design*sponge.

Gorgeous ranunculus (ranunculi?)

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Jason (the commenter) said...

Some other things that work great are jelly jars, mason jars, or juice glasses. And you can use them for other things afterwards!

Jennifer said...

Very true. I have a gravy boat in service at the moment and I often find myself wishing I ate more jelly!