Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bleh. And meh. And pleh.

Yesterday, I woke up to El Niño at 7:30 telling me "I'm going to be in a play today and I need a wolf mask." I said "..." 7:30 is also known as the time that is less than an hour before we need to be dressed, fed and off for school or on the weekends as the time that is still a little early will you please go back to sleep.

But, I managed to get it done! And it looked pretty rocking, frankly. So, I was convinced that meant I was going to be awesome! yesterday. I was all Super Mom How Do You Like Them Apples!?

Today we woke up to snow!

Even though it was only freezing rain at that point, snow was on the ground and it was so pretty and the kids were stoked. We all got dressed and went out and played for a while and it was so fun and really I should have just stayed right there. Apparently the snow either meant that it was a good day to take a break and spend some time with the kids or it meant that I was going to super suck all day long. Maybe both. Take a break or I would super suck all day long.  I went with option B.

I think I'm just worn out. I haven't been sleeping well and I'm at two nonstop weeks of painting and packing and spackling and caulking and edging and also whining. Which is just as tiring, really. Instead of taking a break, though, I spent my day dropping paint, installing doorknobs before repainting doors and drilling holes in the wrong places. After removing screw anchors I had put in not two minutes before, I threw in the towel for the day. Because you've got to know when to hold them. And know when to fold them.

But all was not lost today.  Yesterday, I ran to the Sherwin Williams store and picked up a Premium XL Tight Spots 2″ Angle Short Handle Brush on Young House Love's recommendation. I always cut in and edge by hand with a brush. It's one of a very few practical applications where my normally annoying perfectionism and normally useless lifelong makeup and makeup brush obsession really meet and marry beautifully.

This brush makes it SO much easier. SO MUCH EASIER. Even with my day of total suckitude, I managed to turn out beautiful lines with no trouble.

Usually, I use an angled brush and then at the baseboard follow along with a baby wipe and my fingernail to make the line sharp and clean. That last step is totally unnecessary with this brush. Once I started painting, I literally said nothing but "ohmigod. ohmigod. OHMIGOD." for a good few minutes. It is an amazing edge tool. Also, I was having so much fun with it, I didn't even want to stop and eat lunch. Which means that it's even a great diet tool. I wouldn't be surprised if this little brush could save your life. I didn't need it for that today, but I'll keep it handy just in case.

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Alicia said...

Great pictures!

I'm glad you got that little tool and that it worked so well.