Friday, January 15, 2010

It should only take me another six or seven years to get the house on the market.

Today was my first day of a three week leave from work/mad dash to prep the house for sale. I think I got off to a pretty good start - knocked out that contact paper job, moved some things in to our new storage unit, purchased and installed (well, played gopher for The Man while he installed) some new fixtures and faucets and threw myself wholly in to Operation Declutter.

You guys, we've had a garage sale, gone through two - separate - major league purges in the past few months and I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH CRAP WE HAVE. I packed up a few boxes of things I don't want to purge but won't miss in the next month or two.

Carrie might have had $40,000 worth of shoes, but I apparently have 4.5 cubic feet of...summer shoes.

I can't wait to unpack those. In fact, I can't wait to unpack the other box I filled up today, either. I don't usually schlep wrapping paper with us when we move - it gets crumpled and torn and those big long rolls don't really fit in most boxes anyhow. This time, instead of giving it away, I decided to use it to wrap fragile stuff. Unpacking after an overseas move and the usual 6 week delay since you've last seen your stuff feels a bit like Christmas - this time it's going to be awesome.

Even more awesome than that, though, was what we discovered behind the mirror in the guest bathroom. Before we even bought the house, we were aware that the previous owners had veeeeery different taste than us. Our kitchen walls were covered in a hideously busy and dated paper and THE OUTLET COVERS AND SWITCHPLATES WERE SPONGE PAINTED TO MATCH. Seriously.

But, check this out. All I can say is bless the lazy commercial painters who didn't bother to cover up the hidden parts of this masterpiece.

Wowza.  Can you imagine trying to pee in that melange of neon?  I think I'd find it hard to concentrate.  Not to imply that I require a significant portion of my intellect to pee.  I mean I don't think I do.

Enough about me.  What about you?  Have you turned up anything surprising in the course of home improvements?

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