Friday, January 29, 2010

And now I get to stop thinking about mirrors.

Another room bites the dust! I actually felt like this area pretty much was finished - I just had to hang the towel bar and mirror. The towel bar was easy peasy, whip out the level, drill a couple holes, done and done. The mirror took like a year. My math kept coming out wrong and that was just weird. I mean sure, I fuck up caulking, screw anchor removal, painting, whatever. But, math I am good at. It's a good thing I'm a compulsive checker and rechecker prior to being a driller.

I finally figured it out.

Where's the 1?!?

I guess that silver part must measure an inch somehow, but I don't like that and I wasn't paying attention to it anyway.  Once I figured that out, stopped trying to be a manly man builder and switched over to my sewing tape, I recalculated all my overly complicated calculations and promptly hung the mirror.  Too low.  It's perfectly centered vertically but The Man will probably have to duck down to see himself in it.  Unless he stands back.  Maybe I'll tape off an area on the carpet and he can view his reflection from a predetermined and height compatible distance.  Because, I am not yanking out those anchors, patching, repainting, recalculating and rehanging that stupid mirror that I now officially harbor unfavorable thoughts toward.

So, where was I?  Right...bathroom done, stupid mirror, here are pics:

Again, this is a before-ish picture.  The old light fixture is there but already halfway disconnected.  I had already stripped all the wallpaper, but I'm sure you can picture ugly, old lady wallpaper.

Oh, and I had already taken off the cabinet doors but they were brown and brown and now you're up to speed.

With the lights on, the colors are a little more true.  Also, I had to show off my sexy painting outfit.

And, through the doorway in to the actual bathroom.  I hate having the sink outside of the bathroom and inside our bedroom.  Why would anybody design that!?  One of our neighbors down the street has the exact same house layout as us and they built out the wall to their bathroom, relocated the doorway and the closet doorway and got rid of the motel feeling.  Soooo much better.

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Alicia said...

Looks really, really lovely. The house has just come along beautifully, and I'm still bummed that you won't get to *live* in it longer and really enjoy it. It's much more you.