Monday, January 04, 2010

It's 2010! I guess it has been...for a while now.

I don't usually do resolutions, I tend to go with a do it or don't kind of philosophy. Yet, I find myself resolving this year. And I do love making lists!

I'm not sure how it's going to go, I mean consider of my resolutions was to try to be less late with everything. Aaaand here I am blogging New Years on January 4th. But what the hell and while I'm at it...Happy New Years!!

1. Do more home work.

Ogling the beautiful ideas on design blogs like Making It Lovely, Young House Love and Decor8 has me so inspired. We're doing all kinds of painting and rearranging at Chez Sushi to prep the house for sale. It's a good outlet for the moment but I can't wait to start working on a place for us rather than for sale.

How can you look at a knob like this and not be inspired!?

2. Be more patient.

I feel like I'm a pretty patient person.  But, I find myself getting wrapped up in whatever and not granting the proper attention to El NiƱo's recitation of the feeding habits of the Madagascaran Aye-aye or a detailed study of the outfits Cheeseball's friends wore to school...this week. I'm resolving to try to remember just how important those kinds of things are when you're yay high and just how short a time it will be that these two hang on Mom's every opinion.

3. Take more pictures.

I find myself picturing pictures all the time, but with no camera in my hand. Which is ineffective.

4. Blog more.

And maybe in a more timely manner.

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