Thursday, January 21, 2010

And on the seventh day Jen had NOT ended her work which she had made; and she rested not at all from all her work which she had made.

I didn't make a list today, and my efforts were a little scattered.  Part of that was out of my control.  (Dude of Many Talents, I'm looking at you.)  Part of it was a bit of burn out.  Seven days in to this effort and I'm starting to forget what it's like to not be covered in paint.  After the new counters get put in tomorrow morning, I need to run out and see a cabinet guy about the master bath cabinet doors and pick up a different mirror for the kids' bathroom.  I'm really looking forward to putting on some jeans (dressing up!) and getting out of the house for that little excursion.

I finished painting the kids' bathroom today and I was SO. EXCITED. about that.  And then.  And then.  And then, I asked Dude of Many Talents to take a peek at the caulking around the sink (he told me yesterday I was doing it wrong and showed me how it was supposed to look).  He said I did a FANTASTIC job (he said it just like that!), better than a lot of professional jobs he'd seen and that totally made my day.  And then.  And then.  And then he whipped out his little box cutter and sliced through my beautiful countertop caulk job.

Him: Cut off the excess caulk, touch up the paint, and then you've got a much cleaner line. See?

Me: ...
He was trying to be helpful. But, I was done! Totally done! No more painting in there! And then I wasn't. So, that didn't feel helpful. Plus, his little "hold the putty knife here as your guide" trick did not work for me even nearly as well as it worked for him and I totally fucked it all up on the backsplash. So, then I had to remove all the stupid caulk that just moments before was beautiful! and clean! and white! and redo the whole backsplash. And I'm totally not going to trim off the excess and I don't have to because it's my bathroom and as soon as Dude of Many Talents shows up and helpfully suggests something I will so totally cave and do it.

Besides, now that I look at the picture, I see what he was talking about. But, I swear the line was cleaner on the backsplash. And, there, I have the last word.

So, now I have to touch up the paint a bit in the kids bathroom, pick up that mirror and hang the cabinet doors. Then I'm done! Totally done! Wheeeeeeee!

And I'm super excited about the new countertops tomorrow. That will pretty much finish up the kitchen and without me so much as lifting a finger. Win!

And they need to be replaced. I'm pretty sure they're as old as the house. And lookee what we found when Dude of Many Talents disconnected the faucet and garbage disposal and lifted out the sink:


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Alicia said...

I guess that guy just has a better way with caulk than you do. (huh. huh. huh. heh.)
Or: He sure knows his way around caulk. (huh. hee. hee. tee-hee-hee.)

I avoided that when we did our bathrooms by purposely mis-identifying it as caulking. Or by over-pronouncing the "L".

But it does look good, really really good and I can't wait to see all the after pictures!

laurie said...

This is Laurie over at ranchredo...are you really in corvallis? Are you close to the high school? Shoot me an email: