Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day Three of The Mad Dash

Or, what I've come to refer to as sheer and relentless hell. Today, I painted two brown doors white, deep cleaned the kitchen, touched up the trim in the kitchen and took down the wallpaper around the sink area in the master bedroom. I also punched a giant hole in the drywall when I accidentally yanked out a screw with a medieval looking anchor, but I'm less proud of that.

We pulled off a corner of the wallpaper in this area a little while ago and briefly danced a hallelujah dance when it peeled right off. That lasted about a third of a second, though, as we realized THERE WAS ANOTHER LAYER OF WALLPAPER UNDER THAT. WTF, Internet!? The previous owners are just fucking with our heads, now.

Today, the wallpaper was coming off about like usual - mindnumbingly slowly and messy as hell - until I hit the last wall. The top layer of wallpaper on that wall hadn't peeled off like the other two walls, so when I scored the paper, the holes hadn't reached all the way through to the under layer. I was too lazy to go back over the wall with the scoring tool, so I ended up pulling off most of the paper in agonizingly small strips. Because, you know, that's easier.

I also ran into some trouble where the sink area leads into the rest of the room. The wallpaper had been laid first, then the trim capping the corners of the walls had been nailed on. So, Internet, I ripped the trim off the walls with my bare hands. I'm certain that in some circles that would be called "doing it wrong." But, I'm going with "badass."

I was certain that I had taken some before pictures, but apparently I suck. So, I present to you, a collage of similarly hideous design elements to give you an idea of what we're talking about here. (By the way, I find it hilarious that google image searches of things like "ugly gold light fixture" turn up MORE THAN ONE fixture that we have previously removed from this house. A pox on the previous owners.)

I'm not sure what's up yet for tomorrow, but really nothing is worse than stripping wallpaper.  So, it's all up from here!

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Alicia said...

Badass, indeed! Sucks that there is so much to be done, but don't you feel like you've really accomplished something when you do home improvement? Getting in the thick of it, making a mess and all of that good stuff is good for the soul, I think. Go you!

Jennifer said...

Yes! I have to admit that for all my whining, the work really does come with a sense of accomplishment. And I really think that without the time crunch and the won't-get-to-enjoy-any-of-this part, I think I'd actually dig on doing it.