Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Check Out My Drawers

I'm currently neck deep in a dillion teeny tiny home improvement projects to sell the house, nothing terribly involved but there are just. so. many.  I should probably be doing something right now.  In fact, what I should really be doing right now is laying down a little contact paper in the bathroom cabinet and drawers. They're old and while I can paint the exterior, there aren't many options other than lining the drawers and cabinet floor.

And speaking of not many options...my god, contact paper sucks. I stared disconsolately at the ugly prints and colors for a while, before saying fuck it and picking up a boring wood grain. I'm not going to live with it. And very little looks worse than worn out drawer and cabinet interiors.

I thought I'd check online and see what was out there in real towns. But, a thorough scouring of the Interwebz turned up not much more than this:

What's up with that? With all the modern, graphic wallpaper out there these days, why does the contact paper live in 1982? OH RIGHT, WALLPAPER! Duh. Just as cheap in small quantities and just as sticky. Alright, let's look at that.

I would love to pull open my kitchen or bathroom drawers and spot one of these fun patterns! How about you? To line or not to line? What do you do?

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