Thursday, January 07, 2010

Maybe this is why I don't do resolutions.

Mere days ago I resolved to take more pictures. And, officially, as of today, this is how my camera takes pictures:

Or, maybe this started a week ago. I wouldn't know because I haven't taken any pictures because I am a shitty resolutionist. That, however, is an ongoing problem and I'd ask that we focus on the brand new serious tissues at hand.

Two Fourth of July's ago, I was busily (actually make that drunkly) taking pictures of a baked bean and apple dish I had made when I ever so smoothly tossed the camera right into the beans. I know, right? Skeelz. I haz them.

Ever since that little incident, the automatic lens cover has stuck. But, a little jiggle with the finger would pop it right open. No longer. Jiggle all you want, the lens cover stubbornly pops right back in the way.

While writing this, I googled around to find out what the heck the automatic lens cover was called and happened across this seemingly handy How to Fix a Stuck Digital Camera Lens Cover. Let's read some, shall we?

Lens cover issues are generally caused by some sort of shock to the camera.

Yes, I suppose we could call a baked bean bath a shock to the camera. Ok, what else?

The other major cause is some sort of particulate getting trapped in the lens cover mechanism, like a grain of sand.

Or bean sludge? I bet bean sludge could do the trick.

So, dude seemed like he was on the right track. But I did what he said and now the lens cover won't close. It won't stay open and it won't close. All the other solutions are invasive, require skeel and will void my warranty. According to the solution thinker upper. Way to go, dude.

I guess I need a new camera. This camera is about four years old and I've been intending to upgrade anyway. So, I've been stockpiling Amazon gift cards and I'm currently an insignificant $524 short of the camera I want so very, very badly. Dammit.

Fuck you, New Years and your stupid resolutions.

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