Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All over the place.

Over the past few days, my efforts have been...scattered. To say the least. I think I'm feeling so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks that I find myself stopping and starting, running laps around the house, losing my way en route to the kitchen, forgetting my name and address and working without any real purpose or focus.

I thought maybe a list would help pull it together today.

And then this is what happened:

Pretty much the same thing.  Part of the problem is that I get involved in a task then run into a speedbump that throws me off into an entirely different direction.  Today that speedbump popped up in the form of a seriously water damaged side panel on the kids' bathroom cabinet.  A side panel visible only when planted on the toilet or when trying to paint it.  Painting it white would have made the warping, bubbling and exposed particle board SO much more obvious.  But, I had already sanded down the cabinet doors, so painting it white was really the only option. Oh catch-22, thy name is Tuesday.

So, back to Lowe's we went after a brief detour to my cabinet guy's liquidation outlet.  I picked up a very reasonably priced cabinet complete with top and sink and the best part of all is that it's already white. I'll pull out the old cabinet tomorrow and then paint the walls.

I also picked a laminate for the floors and my friend came by and measured the area. New floors should be in early next week and - best of all - we only have to pay for the materials (which we are getting a really good deal on). Sweet!

In other good news, Alicia's prodding actually brought my camera out today. I took some before-ish pictures of both bathrooms that I'll post once they are complete. And I shot yesterday's edging. Our yard is completely dead, but everybody's is at this time of year. Even my neighbor's lusciously green Perfect Lawn ™ is dead and brown. I don't know what it is about winter and North Carolina but at the first hint of cold, all the grass keels over and dies.

And this is why my hands and arms preferred not to function today.

I'm going to put together another list for tomorrow and just to set myself up for a big fat win, I might add all the little stupid tasks to the list tomorrow.  I left off a ton of things like "go to post office", "put up little plastic circles which protect walls from doorknobs", "drop off even more junk at Goodwill", "whine on my blog", etc...

I also have another plan to hone my focus and awaken the DIY machine within tomorrow and I think it's going to make a big difference. Wish me luck, Internet

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1 comment:

Alicia said...

Beautiful job edging.

You are getting so much done! Seriously! I'm super impressed, as all I got done was a trip to the post office and an hour long walk through the neighborhood with the girls. And a Skype call to Germany.

Oh My God! What will I do when we can't text each other any more!?

Good Luck with tomorrow and thanks for linking to my blog. :)