Monday, January 25, 2010

You guys! YOU GUYS!


Actually, I act like this process has been ongoing for-ev-ver when it's been a week. Well, a week and a half. That half makes it MUCH longer.

I had finished painting the hall bathroom last week some time, but with an issue.

I couldn't figure out how to get these screw anchors out and after spending much of the last week trying to fix the giant hole I ripped in the drywall while removing an anchor in the other bathroom, I had resigned myself to just putting the old towel bar back up and painted over the stupid anchors. I searched all over for a similarly sized towel bar and they are hard to find. Then I mentally messed around with the idea of towel rings and small shelves and arranging them artfully on the wall but the location of the holes made that impossible.

Then I said oh duh HELLO INTERNET. I love that people with a clue feel compelled to get on the Internet and school the rest of us. Now I know how to pull out screw anchors! Put the screw back in a little way and use it to yank out the anchor then patch the hole. Awesome. Possum.

Of course, yanking those out and the subsequent spackling, sanding and repainting put off this finish. But, it's done now and that makes this a life worth living. Check it out!

These pics are before-ish. We had actually already switched out the light fixture and faucet a few weeks earlier. So, imagine super 80's cheese and not in a good way.


That's a little tester patch. That color was yellow. And also a no go.


The lovely glimpse in to the evil devil spawn previous owners' insanity.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here it is! Totally neutral and inoffensive. ADDED: Oh, that shower curtain was there before. Just didn't make it into the before-ish pictures.





I've also finished painting the master sink area that is handily located in the master bedroom just like a motel. I need to hang a mirror and something for towels and then I'm done with that too! Also, I need to buy a mirror and something for towels. Field trip!

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Alicia said...

WOW! It looks so good! Very nicely done!

Lea said...

Excellent job! Looks fresh, modern and clean.

Anonymous said...

looks absolutely AWESOME! - the shower curton mught have to go.... ;-)


Jennifer said...

Thanks, guys!

I know, I know, Janine...I'm holding out until the realtor says something...