Thursday, June 24, 2010

Deutschland wins!

We still haven't hooked up any tv, but we always know when Germany is playing, when Germany scores and most clearly when Germany wins. I captured about 45 seconds of a celebration that lasted that many minutes.

Last time Germany won, I assumed these people were all on their ways home from watching the game at biergartens or with friends. Last night, I watched my neighbor run outside, get in his car, honk his way out the driveway and down the street then return to his garage and go back into his house about five minutes later. Now I wonder how many of the people in these cars are driving just to celebrate!

You can't really see the guys standing down the street waving their flags or hear them honking their vuvuzelas or singing the Deutschland song. But they're there. And I didn't capture any of the people sitting on their car windows, Dukes of Hazzard style, waving their full size Deutschland flags as they go down the road. But they're out there as well.

It's a really good time when Deutschland wins.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

That is called: Auto - Corso.
everybody gets in their cars and drives around in a circle. look for Autocorso + a city (Stuttgart, Muenchen, Berlin) in youtube. being downtown after a game is won is a whole expierience itself! btw: that also happens if turkey (who is not in this year) or another country wins. then all people who are originally from there will do an auto-corso. that is what most germans here miss the most: celebrating in public with strangers... but i'm coming and germany better still be in the tournament for the games i can watch in germany!


Pixie said...

Something similar happens here too, although normally every time they score a goal (possibly as a result of England's world cup record - they might not get a chance to honk their horns again!). Gullible me thought there had been a traffic accident and ran to the window to check! I'm not an England Supporter, but in the spirit of the game (and British tradition) - I say to you and your adopted team - You better bring it today!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Janine! I can't wait to see you!!

Lol, Pixie. My home team is out, so I'm ready to throw everything I have behind my adopted team! It is on!