Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's For Dinner June 19, 2010

We've been getting a-MAZ-ing canteloupes from the fruit and veggie man lately, which - according to the Internets - seem to be either charentais variety canteloupes or European canteloupes. Nobody seems to be able to agree which of the two come with the distinctive green ribbing and the spidery canteloupe skin we're used to in America. Whichever of the two these melons are, they are delicious. And pretty.

Nathans Badass European Trip 505Source: flickr

But, we've had a heck of a time tracking down decent prosciutto! Trying to figure out what it's called here is hard enough. And, everything we've guessed on and thought might be prosciutto either wasn't or was just not good prosciutto.

So, we decided to hop the train toward Stuttgart and hit the Markthalle. I would say the kids love riding the train as much as I do, but they spend more time with their noses glued to the windows, so maybe they win.

view from the s-bahn

I'd heard the Markthalle has some Italian vendors with great meats and cheeses, and it seemed like a good place to hunt down actual prosciutto. I was once again too intimidated to get pictures (I need to get over that!), but someone else is braver than I.

Stuttgart, Germany Markthalle

Stuttgart, Germany Markthalle
Source: flickr

Isn't that huge!? On a Saturday, it was also very crowded and the kids were a little edgy in there. I think I'll have to go back on a weekday while they're in school/summer camp and really examine the offerings. For today, we picked up some wonderful prosciutto, peppered salami and parmigiano-reggiano. We drizzled some balsamic vinegar over the parmigiano-reggiano; paired the prosciutto with the indeterminately named melons; mixed up our favorite salad of olive tomatos, cucumbers, feta cheese, olive oil and vinegar and slathered some creamy garlic butter on fresh baked (German style) baguettes. YUM!



louise said...

Sounds really yummy I love melonand prosciutto.. The markethalle must be fabulous If CC comes to visit maybe she can bring prosciutto

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh. Looks delicious. I'm surprised you haven't gained 15 pounds already.

Although... I haven't seen any pictures of you lately... hmmmmm. LOL.

(My capcha is "ovatire", which I'm guessing can be used like this in a sentence: "On Saturdays, the Markethalle can ovatire the kiddos; they'll probably sleep on the train ride home.")

Jennifer said...

We were thinking the same thing, Louise! Maybe CC can smuggle us some pig products...

Ha ha ha Al, THAT'S NOT FUNNY. Lol, no I keep waiting for the weight to pile on but it's not! I don't know if it's all the extra exercise, the fresh ingredients or the total lack of lazy drivethrough grease at hand. Maybe Germany is just magical.