Friday, June 18, 2010

France, Part Fini

I'm dragging out the last of the pictures from our little trip to France. Going back through it all is making me yearn for more travel in the near future!

A former hotel neighbor told me about Germanwings airline recently and their insanely cool Blind Booking feature. You choose from categories like "Culture" or "Nature and Hiking", enter your dates, pay €19.99 and SURPRISE! you're off to some place of their choosing... The Man asked €19.99!? Do they crash a lot!?. I haven't heard of a ton of commuter flight crashes in Europe, so I figure we're good and I can't wait to check it out! Yay for summer and school being out!

For now, back to France...

The family we stayed with took us walking around the neighboring town of Pau.

An even more amazing view of the Pyrenees, beautiful architecture, a Sephora and a castle with ties to Napoleon, Marie Antoinette and Henry IV kept my head spinning for most of the morning.

Pau, France

Pau, France

Chateau de Pau

Chateau de Pau

Pau, France
Doesn't this look like it launched straight out of Mary Poppins!?

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The Hausfrau said...

Um, wow!

Haven't tried German Wings yet but have heard good things...