Monday, June 14, 2010

France, Part Un

We're back from France! Ok, we've been back for a wee while now. With The Man on leave, old friends arriving and one last haul from Ikea coming in, life has gotten in the way of blogging life. How inconvenient.

We had a very lovely time in France. We stayed with family friends in the south of France (The South of France...?) and mostly just ate, drank and relaxed. Good times wherever you are, but somehow even more awesome given the location.

It's funny because I don't really think of myself as speaking French. Yet, the moment we crossed the border into France, both The Man and I felt an immediate, subtle (and unexpected) relief as we moved in to Less Foreign Territory. We can understand the words on the signs! I can read and comprehend the directions on my parking ticket! Conversations involve more words than pantomimes! Even when I don't know the meaning of the word, I know how it sounds out loud! I didn't even realize how foreign Germany still felt to me, until I was in another foreign country. Which is very funny to me.

Anyhow, France. The family that we stayed with had the most lovely house, in which pool the kiddos spent most of the holiday splashing water out of. The family members spoke varying degrees of English and Spanish along with, of course, the French. Mom spoke no English and was the epitome of Hostess with The Mostess. Think impeccable food, multiple courses and every whim or need anticipated and met. I was surprised at my ability to converse in French, SO many (NOT THAT MANY!) years after college studies. Mostly, I can speak like a fairly decent three year old. So long as everyone talks to me like I'm three, I'm right in there. It's such a beautiful language and I miss it - it makes me want to pick back up with the studies, after I learn the German of course.

But, enough with the words. I'm going to break the trip into a few posts, so it isn't too terribly long and overwrought with pictures and also because I'm lazy.

We aimed the GPS for Strasbourg, France, which is right over the border. Funny enough, my Dad was watching a tennis tournament there a few weeks ago and told me hey, you could just pop right over there!. To which I said, what!? France is far away!. Turns out it's an hour away. I'm an hour away from France. OMG how does life get better than this!?

Anyhow, Strasbourg is a beautiful city. We spent a short time wandering around before the need to Make Some Headway on the long drive to the southern edge of the country overcame us.

Strasbourg, France
I consciously packed super cute outfits, with no boring fallbacks to weasel into and I still felt horrifically underdressed in France. French women have got themselves some style.

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France

Strassbourg, France
Of course, the kids stuck to the basics. Carousels are always fun, no matter what country you find yourself in.


Alicia said...

I want to see your conspicuous cute outfits, along with the French women now. You could post blogs of just pictures, and I'd be happy, but your commentary always just brings it over the top good.

When we left Alabama to move to Colorado, we stopped for the night in Texas. I remember almost instantly feeling better seeing cowboy hats and belt buckles on the walls because it just felt *more* like the west coast than Alabama. I told Ben that and he said he was feeling the same way. Not that Texas is nearly as "West" as New Mexico or California or Washington, but still. So, I get what you mean. LOL.

Have you looked into Rosetta Stone through The Man's AKO account? It's supposed to be free when he logs in, but I don't see why once it's up you couldn't both use it.

Royce said...

"Holiday" not "vacation"? You're sounding more European.